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The "dry eye" counts among the most widespread disorders affecting the visual organ, with 12 million sufferers in Germany.

We have the appropriate solutions for you to alleviate your symptoms and to avoid long-term effects:


  • Causes

    The cause for dry eyes may be insufficient production of and increased evaporation of tear fluid due to an unstable lipid layer of the tear film.
    This may be due to a number of causes: Important reasons are our daily work on the computer, or permanent communication via smart phone in everyday life.

    Wearing contact lenses or various illnesses may also give rise to such symptoms.

    The most frequent causes at a glance:

    • reduced blinking frequency, e. g.
      due to screen work, smart phones
    • staying in air-conditioned rooms
    • the ageing process
    • hormonal changes
    • autoimmunological diseases, e. g. Sjögren’s syndrome
    • taking certain medicines
    • wearing contact lenses
    • eye surgery (LASIK, cataract surgery)
  • Symptoms

    The most frequent symptom for dry eyes is a feeling of dryness. Not all the symptoms, however, constitute a reason to conclude that you have dry eyes. Thus, watering eyes may indicate, for example, that insufficient tear fluid is being produced. The eyes compensate this lack by starting to water.

    The symptoms at a glance:

    • feeling of dryness
    • red eyes
    • irritated eyes
    • stinging eyes
    • itching eyes
    • tired eyes
    • watering eyes
    • impaired vision