The range of production related to ocular health includes products recommended by doctors, prescription-only or pharmacy-only products in order to cover a wide range of applications.

For almost all indications, both bottles and single-dose vessels are available which are free from preserving agents and are thus very well tolerated by patients with sensitive eyes.

For patients

Our products recommended by doctors are ideal both for daily eye hygiene and for issues regarding dry eyes related to a variety of causes. Our range is completed by dietary supplements which have been developed for specific nutritional requirements in case of specific eye diseases.

For doctors and professionals

Regarding prescription-only pharmaceutical products, ophthalmologists have low-cost preparations for almost all eye diseases and complaints at their disposal: eye-drops including active ingredients for the treatment of unspecific inflammations and active ingredients for therapy of glaucoma and asthenopia. A pharmaceutical product for pupil dilatation, indispensable for diagnostic purposes, completes our range.